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Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 12:04

Integrated logistics platform medication, Farmavenix, has ended without incident the migration process storage of medicines and medical devices planned a year ago. The operation was conducted with the rigor required by this type of process, without affecting at all in the laboratories given customer service platform.

The Director General of Logistics, Diego Soto, has highlighted the fact that this complex process, which involves storage in a new automated silo 30 meters high, 13,500 euro pallets and 21,000 trays, has been performed without interrupting at all integrated logistics processes undertaken by Farmavenix. The total capacity of this new facility is 20,800 pallets and 112,000 trays, which will in the future take over the management of these capabilities.

It is relevant to note that the number of pallets and trays are more than 2,600 different products, owned by 36 pharmaceutical companies that have hired their logistics operations Farmavenix.
The start of the picking activity, whether originally pallets, crates of origin or picking of single units as well as expeditions corresponding to each of the destinations, assume the daily management of an average of 29,545 kg of drugs and products health.

Farmavenix is ​​the only Spanish operator specializing in integrated logistics of the drug (direct logistics, reverse logistics and specialty pharmacy services).

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